The Inconvenient Indian – Thomas King

The first time I heard of this book was when Mercedes reviewed it on YouTube in 2016. It immediately went on my wishlist and waited there patiently until Christmas last year, when my sister gifted it to me. Now that I owned it, I knew that I didn’t want to wait long before I read it. It became the next book on my to-read list and the first book that I started this year. I’d wanted to read it for over two years, I wasn’t about to let another two years pass.

Inconvenient Indian

In The Inconvenient Indian, Thomas King writes an account of the history of Native Americans in Canada and the US. He does not refer to this book as a history, because it does not follow a particular chronology, it has personal asides, and it has biases. All these aspects elevate the work. He also discusses his choice to use the word “Indian” when talking about Native American and First Nation people. He ends this discussion with the pertinent point that “there has never been a good collective noun because there never was a collective to begin with. Continue reading