The Wild Places – Robert Macfarlane

Sometimes, when life is stressful, you need a book that talks to you about trees and valleys and water. When I sat down on my lunch break and read the opening sentence of Robert Macfarlane’s The Wild Places, I knew I had chosen the book that my soul needed:

The wind was rising, so I went to the wood.

Such a simple sentence. But one filled with such comfort.

In The Wild Places, Macfarlane sets out to discover if there are any truly wild places left in Britain and Ireland. Spoiler: there are. Each chapter focuses on a different natural form, beginning and ending with a chapter titled “Beechwood”. The chapters all follow a similar pattern and explore similar themes. Macfarlane tells the reader how different landscapes came to be, gives brief histories of different areas, describes his experiences of the wild place he is in, and touches on personal anecdotes from his life.

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