Tracking My Reading (or white men… white men everywhere)

In one of Sabrina‘s recent videos, in which she discussed her end of year goals, she linked to a fantastic blog post that detailed how the writer tracked their reading. The writer linked to an outline of the spreadsheet that they used, which I downloaded and filled in with the books I have read this 2014.

The spreadsheet tracks the book, author, author’s gender, date started, date finished, total pages, genre, format, author’s nationality, and whether or not the author is a person of colour. These last two are not in the original spreadsheet outline, but, like the author of the blog post, I added them in.

This year there has been a lot of talk on social media about diverse books and reading diversely. It has been an important conversation; I’m glad that it has taken place and is still going on. This conversation sparked me to start paying closer attention to my own reading habits. I have also striven to read more diversely, particularly aiming to read more books by authors of colour. Continue reading

Abandoning Books

This year I made it one of my “reading resolutions” to abandon any books I was reading that I wasn’t enjoying. I decided that I would always give the book a good stab, but if I continued to dislike it I would stop reading it. This is considered almost treacherous by some bibliophiles, I know! After all, the book could improve, and some people don’t think you can really judge a book until you’ve read the whole thing cover-to-cover. I agree with that to an extent, which is why I told myself I had to try and read at least 50-100 pages of any book I wasn’t loving before abandoning it.

I just decided that I have so, so, so many books that I want to read and life is too short to force myself to read something that I’m not liking in any way, shape or form. Reading is my hobby. It’s something I do to relax and have fun, so I deserve to enjoy my time spent reading!

And I’m happy to report that so far this year, I have kept to this “resolution”. Continue reading