Maurice – E. M. Forster

There are some books that you know you want to read even though you can’t remember who recommended it. Books that maybe weren’t even recommended directly to you, but they’ve worked their way into your consciousness anyway. Maurice is one of those books. A cornerstone of Western queer literature that I had to read at least once in my life. I had high expectations going into this novel, which were only raised by the 4.02 rating on Goodreads. Thankfully, it did not let me down.

Maurice follows the titular character of Maurice Hall from his teenage years into adulthood, as he comes to terms with his sexuality and the effect that it has on his life. Maurice realises at a young age that he is attracted to men and he enters into his first homosexual relationship whilst at university. We are privy to the highs and lows of Maurice’s life and we discover with him how he is to live happily in this world as a gay man. In Maurice, Forster has written an affecting account of what it meant to be a gay man in Edwardian England and how difficult, but worthwhile, it is to learn how to accept yourself.

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