A May Getaway

Dear Reader,

Earlier this month I went up to the Lake District for a week with my mum. It was a beautiful, relaxing week and this is honestly just a self-indulgent post where I can share some of my photos from it.


The cottage that we stayed in is one that we have stayed in before and it is perfect. Cosy, comforting and filled with everything you could need. Plus the owner had gifted us a bottle of Prosecco on our arrival. Such a sweet touch.


The view from the window was also the most glorious thing you could have asked for.

So majestic.

These babies were so freshly made. We’re pretty sure they were born during the night or in the early hours of the morning. They were Darling.

I met so many baby sheep over the course of the week. It was delightful. I also met lots of grown up sheep, who were also wonderful. Every one of them was just the best version of themselves. There were baby ducks down by the lakeside who were beyond adorable, and one day I got to meet some chickens. As you can see, one of the significant parts of this holiday was meeting all the animals.

The views around Coniston are stunning. It’s pretty much impossible to take a bad photo, because the natural beauty is gorgeous. One of my favourite walks there is a walk to Tarn Hows. There’s a steep ascent as you walk up the side of the Tom Gill waterfall through trees and rocks. It’s just beautiful.

It was truly the most relaxing and wonderful break. My mum and I watched a different film every evening, there was lots of time for reading and cups of tea, and the weather couldn’t have been better. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to go on a holiday like this. I hope that all of you get the chance to do something that you enjoy this year.

Love Lydia x

P.S. Bonus photo of when a choice had to be made:

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