November Reading

Dear Reader,

I wish you a very happy holiday period! This is my absolute favourite time of year, so I hope that you’re enjoying it as much as I am. And if you don’t enjoy it, I hope that you get through it as best as you are able to. Personally, I’m going to enjoy gingerbread biscuits, Christmas music, festive decorations, and wonderfully cheesy films. I’ve already watched Love Actually with my housemate, so we’re off to a good start.

November was a slow reading month for me. I’ve struggled to find a book that grips me recently. I’m still on the hunt (and luckily have lots of recommendations in the comments of my latest video) and hopefully will find a good book to read soon!


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October Reading

Dear Reader,

I know it’s a cliché to comment on how quickly the months go by, but seriously, where did October go? And how is it November already? More to the point, how are we already over halfway through November? Not that I’m complaining. The shops have put up their Christmas displays, the Christmas market is set up, and pretty soon it will be socially acceptable for me to be excited about Christmas. My true self is never more powerful than when the Christmas season arrives.

Right, let’s get on to the books that I read in October.

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August Not Reading

Dear Reader,

In my July Reading post, I spoke about how I was finding it hard to concentrate on reading. It was a month that was instead dotted with some audiobooks and graphic novels.

I expected that after a light reading month, I would begin to read more again. This wasn’t the case. August proved to be a very busy and stressful month; I’ve been going through a big life change for me. Nothing bad, so don’t worry! Once I’m a bit more settled I’ll most likely make a quick “life update” post. All this to say that I really didn’t read in August.

I didn’t really read and I’m okay with that. A few months ago I posted a video titled In Defence of Not Reading and, whilst I can no longer remember exactly what I said, I stand by that statement. Sometimes I’m just not in a place where reading is a priority.

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A May Getaway

Dear Reader,

Earlier this month I went up to the Lake District for a week with my mum. It was a beautiful, relaxing week and this is honestly just a self-indulgent post where I can share some of my photos from it.


The cottage that we stayed in is one that we have stayed in before and it is perfect. Cosy, comforting and filled with everything you could need. Plus the owner had gifted us a bottle of Prosecco on our arrival. Such a sweet touch.


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